"faith" / "glauben"
Installation, stage and costume design
Customer: satellit-produktion & Landestheater Schwaben

"Faith" is interpretation, point of view, something incomprehensible, and yet for some people a firm, immovable part of life. The stage design for the piece of the same name is intended to reflect these different interpretations in an abstract way.
The installation is playing with the terms: reflection, projection and illusion.
The stage is in the center of the room, the spectators experience the happening from three sides.
Three is also a bearing, symbolic number, which is constantly being revamped.
The stage object consists of four equal, but differently placed plexiglass triangles, supported by a fine metal frame profile.
The surfaces are coated with a dichroic foil which will create a visually stimulating light in the room.
Through the various angles and in the space standing surfaces are deliberately cut through the sight axes of the spectator, which lifts to another level of the perception. Additional to its delicate and light appearance it stands there powerful and present, even a little reminiscent of colorful church-window pieces shattered into the ground.
The object is walkable, playable and is used as part of the performance by the three actors choreographically without beeing touched throughout the whole performance.


This piece is made from the results of a thorough research into the topic and the documented dialogues with people of faith in the town of Memmingen. A very personal performance evolves, that tells the stories of different religious beliefs.

Opening: 03.06.17, Memmingen

Find out more about the production satellit-produktion and Landestheater Schwaben. 

Performer: Miriam Haltmeier | Rudy Orlovius | Fridtjof Stolzenwald    

Director: Ana Zirner

Dramaturgy: Martina Missel

Choreography: David N. Russo

Stage and Costume: Cäcilia Verweyen

Lightdesign: Rainer Ludwig

Assistant Director: Greta Lindermuth

Assistant Stage: Seraina Keller

A production of Landestheater Schwaben in Memmingen


Pictures by Sabine Pankratz

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