Graphic & Branding for Buisnesses

My designs are focusing on a minimalistic, geometrical black and white branding language. I am using sustainable and special papers and textures that are communicating high quality and a serious branding image. I am always working close with the costumer to get the most authentic image, reflecting the brand or buisness. 

1. Branding and Printwork for "blütezeit" flowershop   Costumer : Franziska Mäder, Basel
2. Branding and Printwork for "KOMBÜSE" restaurant      Costumer: Isabella Scherer & unternehmen mitte
3. Corporate Identity for a Therapist    Costumer: Franziska von Eidenbenz
4. Corporate Identity & Webdesign for Chinese Medicine    Costumer: Miriam Kislak
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5. Graphicdesign, Logo and Editing for event    Costumer: crEATe art meets food 
6. Graphicdesign, Logo and Website   Costumer: Immobilien Waltraud Verweyen
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