Lebanese Nuts and Coffeestore

Moabit, Berlin 2017
Customer: Ed und Fred Nussdepot & Aljazeera Pastry

The task in this retail project was to define a new and minimalistic language for two middleastern companies based in Berlin and combine those in one shop. The shop design aims to express elegance and purity to present precious food goods like lebanese coffee, nuts and palestinian baklawa. Due to its location in the heart of Berlin Moabit it is obvious that the space must be appealing to Arabic, Turkish as well as German customers. 
The colours (sand beige, petrol, black, gold) are natural and high quality materials that are used often in middle eastern regions (mdf wood, black sanded metal, turkish marble and brass elements) were carefully chosen to create a decent presentation platform for the products and to separate the space in different sections (like coffee, nuts, or cake presentation).This store is different to most of the arabic and turkish foodstores due to its clear design with nuances of arabic ornaments. This space has the potential to be a "meltingpot" for both eastern and western culture, representing also the multicultural area that Moabit stands for.