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crEATe is a series of experiential artistic, culinary events.

In each of  these events we bring together a chef and an artist (from varying artistic disciplines) in order to create
a multi-sensory occurrence. This is neither an art event with food nor a dinner entertained by an artistic show.
The goal is to examine the ways food and art can trigger and influence each other. 

For each of the events we are providing the creators a gallery space and a kitchen, materials and food for the creation process.

The last event: crEATe no3 "What you see is not what you get", was hosted by decal quai gallery,Montreux

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crEATe N° 3

What you see is not what you get
edible artshow
decal quai, Montreux, CH, May 2017
Chef: SENS Collective
Luis Zuzarte & Felipe Raupp, Samar Abu Frahia
Artist: Omer Polak, Nina Gautier, Laure Mahnes
Artist Direction: Omer Polak, Cäcilia Verweyen

Curation: Cäcilia Verweyen, Yorai Sharon

crEATe N° 2

home away from home
Dinner Series 
Drumherum, Berlin May
, 2017
Chef: Alon Cohen Raz, Israel
Artist: Kiarash Zangeneh, Iran

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crEATe N° 1

needs and desires
Dinner Series 
Drumherum, Berlin January, 2017
Chef: Isabella Scherer, Switzerland

Artist: Shiran Eliaserov, Israel

Trailer from the Events