Enlight Photofox Booth for OFFF Festival
Costumer: Lightricks
Tel Aviv, 2017
Collaboration with Studio Omer Polak

In September 2017 I was invited to design in collaboration with Studio Omer Polak a booth stand at Festival OFFF Festival
(a touring Graphic Design event in different cities) for "Lightricks" an upcoming Israeli Startup. The booth should have the purpose to present in two days the new App "Enlight Photofox" to the festival visitors. The Design of the booth played with lighteffects, translucent and shiny materials like glossy furnier and dichroic plexiglass surfaces paired with typically Israeli Bauhaus shapes creating the backwalls and shelfs to present the merchandising product: "Beer Shapira". We created for this purpose tables for the customers where they could design on i Pads on custom made dichroic plexiglass holders their individual label for the local brewed beer (bira shapira). Pic up point was the teambar, made out of shiny black furnier and effect plexiglass. The colors for the design where carefully chosen by the brands CI matching to the Identity of the festival itself. 
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