Birds of Karachi Exhibition Catalog

Editorial & Graphic Design
ZEHN Exhibition Kühlhaus, Berlin 2016

In collaboration with the documentary photographer and musician Pablo Lauf I designed the exhibition catalog

that was shown first time in the opening of ZEHN, the graduation show of the Photography Academy  "Ostkreuz" in Berlin.
In 2016 P. L. traveled to Pakistan in order to report about the young rebellion artistic scene in contemporary Karachi.
This book represents an insight in a political destructed world and introduces artists, their creative world, their artistic output as well as their political statements.

"Beyond the downward spiral of terrorism, poverty, corruption and violence, which is regularly illuminated in the Western media, there is a small but steadily growing opposition of young creatives in Pakistan, which, with great courage, despite great resistance, is committed to a change in society. In Karachi, a city with 23.5 million inhabitants, one of the largest in the world, this scene is a group of young artists. In a subtle way, they use their works to convey social and social criticism from their protected private spaces to the public. They convey values ​​such as freedom of opinion, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, equality, sexual self-determination and not least their own artistic freedom.​"

Followed by this project Lauf collaborated with the Teichmann brothers and electronic music artists to produce and release in a festival in Karachi their interpretation of pakistanian contemporary music.

listen on soundcloud: Karachifiles