Mitte, Berlin
Customer: Berliner Brandstifter 2016

This project presents retail- and office design for the German gin and vodka company "Berliner Brandstifter". The entire design, including color and material selection, is based on the clear black and white language of their original product branding. Berliner Brandstifter burns and produces the alcohol locally in cooperation with a small distillery from the outskirts of Berlin. The flowers, herbs and ingredients that are used during the production process are purely biological, so the focus is set on the use of sustainable materials like black MDF, metal and oiled spruce. The office is designed to create a living-like atmosphere in which the employees feel comfortable. It also gives the possibility to hold meetings with customers. We integrated a "Tasting Bar" into the kitchen, where products can be presented and tasted in a relaxed atmosphere. The office is a mixture of design classics, old industrial and hospital furniture found and purchased from both private people and Berlin's great vintage stores.