eat art studio, kitchen design  2017, Berlin


Lebanese Nuts- and Coffee Store

Interior- and retail design for a lebanese foodstore combining middleastern materials and contemporary clear european design.

Berliner Brandstifter Office

Retail and Officedesign for the German gin and vodka company Berliner Brandstifer.
The design is based on ​the clear black and white branding language for the products of the company.

ANO Papercraft Calenderdesign

In our fast- living society time became a valuable and precious good for us. Our live is digital and the haptic world is loosing more and more its importance. ANO Papercraft is a papercraft brand that was born 2015 in Basel. It all started as a collaboration with the designer Nina Gautier. We are designing and producing small amounts of handmade simply posticed notebooks, week planners and calender-poster to bring back the time from our phones into our hands. 

crEATe Art meets Food

crEATe is a series of experiential events taking place in Berlin every 3 months for around 30 guests . In each of  these events we bring together a chef and an artist in order to create a multi-sensory occurrence and a different approach to the way we consume food.


Birds of Karachi Editorialdesign

This Exhibition Book was made for and with the documentary photographer Pablo Lauf, who was showing in this work a young generation of artists in contemporary Pakistan. Its an accompanying brochure for "ZEHN", the graduation exhibition of the Academy "Ostkreuz".

Coffeeshop "frühling" Basel

Interiordesign and Brandingdesign for an intimate coffeeshop with second hand and vintage furnitures in Basel focusing on local products, roasted fair trade coffee, coffee products and barista items.


Brocante Shop & Dinner

The Brocante Shop and Fondue Dinner was a curated Event that i realized in 2015 in Collaboration with Nina Gautier.The ambience, product choice and tableconcept was created and designed to host 20 people.Dinner in the Pop Up Shop! All the products where locally produced from Basel, Switzerland besides the Fondue Cheese that we bought in a fromagerie in France.

Interiordesign and constructionplanning for Kristiane Kegelmanns Eat Art Studio in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.
This place is carefully designed with sustainable, natural materials to create a perfect frame for the outstanding unique sugar sculptures of the food artist.

Stage & Costume Design 

"Faith" is interpretation, point of view, something incomprehensible, and yet for some people a firm, immovable part of life. The stage design for the piece of the same name is intended to reflect these different interpretations in an abstract way.The installation is playing with the terms: reflection, projection and illusion. The stage is in the center of the room, the spectators experience the happening from three sides. Three is also a bearing, symbolic number, which is constantly being revamped....

Enlight Photofox Booth at OFFF Designfestival TLV

Boothdesign, custommade furnitures and I pad holders for the Company lightricks to present one of their new apps on a Design Conference at the Tel Aviv Art Museum. Bauhaus shapes combined with contemporary reflective and shiny materials. 


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